Ceva continues to shed new light on shifting disease pattern impacting Europe’s pig production

Ceva focuses on delivering many new practical innovations

Hundreds of   veterinarians  participated in a recent Ceva roadshow held in Rennes, Milan and Eindhoven, with key experts shedding new light on the shifting disease pattern impacting  pig production in Europe.

Dr. Bert Devriendt from the University of Ghent, introduced the symposium with a summary of the approaches currently available to induce passive and active immunity in pigs. Understanding those differences helps to explain different posology in sow and piglet vaccinations with Circovac.

Porcine Circovirus was tackled by Dr. Matthias Eddicks from Ludwig-Maximilians- University of Munich and Dr. Tanja Opriessnig from the University of Edinburgh. Dr. Eddicks focused his presentation mainly on PCV epidemiology, and on how the virus is switching to more recent genotypes as PCV2d. Dr. Opriessnig presented two studies. One comparing different approaches to PCV vaccinations (sows and/or piglets) and concluded by recommendations on vaccination strategies against PCV2 based on the age at which the disease appears. The second study demonstrated that the use of Circovac was able to protect against current genotypes of PCV namely PCV2d. This fact was demonstrated not just by reducing PCV2d in blood and tissues but also by reducing the PCV2d transmission from challenged to naïve pigs.

Later Erysipela was also covered by Dr. Opriessnig, she described how protective antibodies against this microorganism can be detected by the use of SpaA (Surface Protein Antigen A) ELISA, and also how the disease needs to be properly diagnosed.

Dr. Enric Mateu from the University of Barcelona focused on the importance of biosecurity, diagnosis, herd management and, of course, the use of immunization by vaccination to limit the impact of PRRSv infection on the farms. Also, he presented data that pointed out that inactivated vaccines can be efficient and safe for boosting animals previously immunized with a modified live vaccine (MLV).

Marcelo Gottschalk from the University of Montreal was also present in Eindhoven where he gave and update on A.p. and the ways to how diagnose and control porcine pleuropneumonia.

Ceva focuses on delivering many new practical innovations in services, equipment and products to support veterinarians, in delivering higher levels of animal care and production.

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