Ceva conducts latest of its Expert Symposia

Veterinary specialists gather in Madrid to discuss latest trends in sow reproduction

Madrid, April 2011 – The first European symposium solely dedicated to swine reproduction was held on 11 and 12 April in Madrid, Spain. Organised by Ceva Santé Animale, the symposium reviewed new reproduction management strategies that must be implemented in order to improve health and production. Over 300 specialists from all parts of Europe attended this unique event.

The scientific program featured many well-known sow reproduction researchers, experienced practitioners and consultants with the objective to better understand our knowledge of physiology and the factors influencing management of the reproduction cycle. Speakers included Dr. Dominiek Maes (Belgium) who presented repro-management in new welfare conditions and Dr. Robert Knox (United States) who reviewed reproductive management on large farms. Dr. Carlos Casanovas (Spain)assessed batch management strategies followed by Dr. Ian Dennis (England) on synchronization in these systems. Dr. Nicoline Soede (Netherlands) spoke on physiology while Dr. Olli Peltoniemi (Finland) discussed control of seasonal infertility. Dr. Pabst Thorsten (Germany) presented diagnostics and hormonal control of reproduction.Finally, a panel discussion was held answering audience questions.

During the symposium, chaired by Dr. Roman Krejci, Ceva, veterinarians and producers from all over Europe took the opportunity to exchange experiences in this important field of swine production.

Dr. Marc Prikazsky, Ceva’s CEO commented:“Using science to improve the efficiency and quality of animal production is vital to feeding the 9 billion people we will have on the planet by 2050. At Ceva we are committed to developing expert to expert communications, in order that together with our partners we can contribute towards this important goal.”

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