Ceva launches Fertipig® in Asia

New product gives swine producers “power with control”

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 23 September 2013:

Ceva Animal Health used the 6th. Asian Pig Veterinary Society Congress (APVS 2013) to launch Fertipig® in Asia.

The gonadotropin product has a very innovative, unique formulation allowing it to be used in sows up to 4 weeks after its original reconstitution.

Managing reproduction on the farm is one of the keys to profitable and sustainable swine production. Having sufficient quantities of reproductive hormones on hand, in the right dose sizes is often a real headache, Fertipig® will give swine producers more flexibility and in some cases cut waste.

Dr. Nicolas Guerra, Ceva’s Corporate Range Manager commented. “We decided to use the slogan “power with control” to describe Fertipig®, as that is exactly what the product does. Pig producers will now have the benefits of a powerful, high quality product, but one that can also be used up to 4 weeks after its reconstitution, making the management of drug inventories far more convenient for producers.

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