Controls and preventions coccidiosis

Cevazuril®, for the control of diarrhoea in suckling pigs

Isospora suis is the intracellular coccidia, which causes the transient diarrheic disease of suckling piglets. It is one of the most prevalent parasites in intensive pig production. Neonatal piglet coccidiosis has a cosmopolitan distribution and is found anywhere pigs are raised in confinement.

Coccidiosis of suckling piglets is responsible for significant economic losses due to diarrhea with subsequently decreased weight gain and poor performance.        

Morbidity can reach up to 100% piglets in the affected litter. Mortality is usually not observed in the conditions of natural infection, unless secondary bacterial or viral infections cause severe enteritis. The main impact is on reduced weight gain and increased medication cost.

Single oral administration of 20mg toltrazuril / kg lbw results in the increased weaning weight and reduction of the other medication costs dedicated to diarrhoea treatment.

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