Farrowing synchronisation

Induction of farrowing substantially decreases piglet mortality

Controlling the physiological upheavals of peripartum has become a key success factor in swine production. The use of prostaglandins has become the norm before and after farrowing. The remaining issue was to gain total control over key zootechnical success criteria. 

Induction of farrowing substantially decreases piglet mortality because

  • a high proportion of farrowings occur during normal working hours,
  • farrowing can be closely supervised, which provides opportunity to save and cross-foster piglets,
  • farrowing is avoided on weekends,
  • batch farrowing reduces variation in piglet age at weaning, and
  • batching of routine tasks result in efficient use of facilities.

The most important factor for ensuring piglet survival is to ensure adequate colostrum consumption immediately after birth, particularly since colostrum production by the sow occurs for only 24 h after farrowing

Alfabedyl® contains Alfaprostol, a synthetic prostaglandin analogue which has a pronounced luteolytic effect. The rapid regression of the corpus luteum triggers farrowing.

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