Technical Reviews

Altrenogest Oral solution

Technical Review 1 :

The importance of optimal age and bodyweight of gilts for their first mating in modern swine production

The bodyweight of the gilt at first service, together with an optimal age, are generally accepted as the most important and credible indicators of physiological maturity. Both parameters should be part of your standard operating procedure for gilt pool management. At the same time, these parameters are also crucial in determining maximal lifetime reproductive performance, and consequently for the economic efficiency of production 

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Technical Review 2:

Developing gilts

Optimal use of the gilt pool has a major impact on reproductive efficiency of the breeding herd and the farm economy. To be able to fully use the outstanding genetic potential of reproductive performance in hyper-prolific breeds, careful and sophisticated gilt management techniques must be applied. Periodically, replacement gilts in proper numbers must be introduced to each weaned batch to maintain fluent production and meet next batch breeding targets. Several factors are important for successful gilt development and introduction to the breeding herd. It is important to take into consideration that each production system and specific breed have specific production targets for incoming gilts, which might be slightly different.

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Technical Review 3:

The synchronisation of gilts every week

Control of the oestrous cycle in the pig can be achieved through the predictable suppression of the follicular phase using a progestogen. A progestogen is a compound that mimics the biological effects of the natural steroid, progesterone. Following the phasic release of luteinising hormone (LH) near the onset of oestrus, mature ovarian follicles release their ova (ovulate) and the cells of the follicle remnants luteinise to become the corpora lutea, which are the structures producing progesterone. 

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