Live free-dried vaccine, Thiversal strain for the active immunization of pigs against Classical Swine Fever (Hog Cholera).


Qualitative and quantitative composition
The vaccine is prepared from the Thiverval strain, a cold mutant of the Hog Cholera virus obtained after serial passage through cytocultures at low temperature.

This strain is noted for two characteristics:

  • It is a “cold” strain in so far as its optimal development takes place at 33° C
  • It is a “labile” strain because its infective activity is destroyed at 56° C under otherwise normal environmental conditions

High immunising activity

  • Immunity in the vaccinated animal develops rapidly (in 10 to 12 days)
  • The degree of immunity conferred is extremely high; the highest level is reached very rapidly (between the 30th and 35th days) and remains at a high level for at least 48 months
  • The immunity is obtained with only one injection
  • COGLAPEST provides total immunisation against all types of Hog Cholera viruses

Absence of any pathogenic effect

  • No symptoms of disease are seen after vaccination
  • There are not teratogenic effects
  • There is no effect on the fertility of sows.
  • Piglets vaccinated or born from vaccinated sows grow at normal rates

Genetic stability
After repeated passages through pigs or on cell cultures at 37° C, this strain fully retains its immunising activity and safety.

Pharmaceutical form
Live freeze-dried vaccine

Pharmacological properties
The vaccine confers active immunization of pigs against Classical Swine Fever (Hog Cholera).

Target animal species


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