Vaccination scheme and route of administration


Primary vaccination of sows and gilts:

  • First vaccination:        one dose 5 weeks before the expected date of farrowing, i.m.
  • Second vaccination:   one dose 2 weeks before the expected date of farrowing, i.m.



(before each subsequent farrowing): one dose 2 weeks before the expected date of farrowing, i.m.


A differing vaccination scheme is recommended for gilts of hyperprolific breeds to ensure an increased level of antibodies in colostrum after first parity.

This recommendation is based on the available data on booster vaccination.

ENTEROPORC COLI AC - induces protective antibody titers:

 Comparison of mean, protective antibody titers in colostrum of vaccinated gilts following basic (2fold) and sows (3rd) re-vaccination.


Mortality (E. coli) and morbidity (C. perfringens) were used as parameters of protection and to determine  the protective titers for all antigens using a standardized procedure (ROC analysis, Youden-Index, which provides optimal ratio between specificity and sensitivity

ENTEROPORC COLI AC – boosts antibodies after re-vaccination:


Percentage of gilts/sows with antibody titers in colostrum equal to or above the protective titer

The efficacy of a third vaccination with ENTEROPORC COLI AC in sows administered 2 weeks before the second farrowing under field conditions was assessed by antibody titers and compared with the titers of gilts vaccinated twice (basic immunization). Antibodies either reached the same level or were even boosted.


The abstract for download here from ESPHM/IPVS 2016 also shows data of predecessor vaccines of Enteroporc COLI AC and the benefit of the booster vaccination (first re-vaccination after the basic immunisation) in gilts.


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