still a big concern for the swine industry

PRRS is a huge economic concern

  • Economic losses vary from € 59 to € 379 per sow during an outbreak
  • Yearly cost of infected farms is around € 100 per sow

PRRS is difficult to control:

  • Emerging circulation of variable field strains worldwide
  • PRRS impairs immunity after infection:
    • Immune response is slow, delayed and often incomplete in comparison with other viral infections
    • Modified immune response after infection: increased susceptibility for other diseases
    • Immunity is affected by strain differences
    • Impaired reproductive and respiratory performances

PROGRESSIS®: is an inactivated vaccine against PRRS virus with an important safety profile (No reverse to virulence possible and approved for use during pregnancy and lactation as well as neither spread nor persistence of vaccine virus in the animals).

PROGRESSIS®: efficacy by boosting immunity. Reduction of reproductive disorders caused by PRRS in a contaminated environment

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