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Hyogen® : Superior Enzootic Pneumonia Protection.


In an experimental trial performed in the University of Ghent and published during ESPHM congress in 2016, a double M. hyo strain challenge tried to stimulate the situation of multiple infections which can occur in the farm condition.

Vaccination with Hyogen® modified the immune response in a way that the local antibody response in the initial phase post infection was stronger than the positive control and the production of the pro-inflammatory cytokines was milder than the positive control, yet still higher than the negative control. Such “more appropriate” immune response may be a decisive factor of protection with the immune system activated enough to struggle with the germ (lower M. hyo qPCR) yet not too much to stimulate chronic inflammatory processes and development of extensive chronic pneumonia...

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The results of this field study performed in France showed that Hyogen® provided better protection of pigs than a competitor vaccine, measured by the clinical course of the disease and the lung lesion score. The average number of recorded coughs using microphones in the barn during the whole fattening period was significantly lower in the Hyogen® group. Higher ADG for 44 grams corresponded to the improvements in the respiratory health and was associated with 2.45€ profit in favor of Hyogen® group...

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