Respiporc Flu 3 Brochure

Respiporc® Flu3 is protective against all predominant classical influenza strains in the field

Respiporc® Flu3 reduces the virus load in the lungs significantly1

Respiporc® Flu3 reduces the dyspnoe score significantly1

1Challenge trials from the registration dossier of Respiporc FLU3: Record F/S/0135/07, Challenge strain: FLUAV/sw/Bad Griesbach/IDT5604/2006 (H1N1);
Record F/S/0949/07, Challenge strain: FLUAV/sw/Kitzen/IDT6142/2007 (H1N2); Record F/S/0512/07, Challenge strain: FLUAV/sw/Damme/IDT5673/2006 (H3N2);
A total of 84 56-day-old pigs were similarly divided into six groups for aerosol challenge with three different influenza strains. Pigs vaccinated twice with Respiporc FLU3 (on day 56 and day 77 of age) and non-vaccinated pigs were compared.The pigs were assigned to each of the groups in similar numbers and challenged 7 days after the vaccinated pigs got their second dose of Respiporc FLU3.Half of the pigs were euthanised on day 1 and the other half of the pigs on day 3. The virus lung load was determined with the egg infectious dose 50 (EID50) by infecting embryonated chicken eggs either with homogenized and titrated lung tissue from day 1 or day 3 after the challenge.The resulting virus load was calculated for 10 mg lung tissue used for isolation. The course of body temperature and dyspnoea scores were recorded at 6 different points in time between 0 and 72 hours after the challenge.

Economic impact of an influenza outbreak


In a 700-sows breeding herd, gilts in quarantine and in the mating room were infected with H1avN1 swIAV.

Valérie Normand et al., Economic impact of an influenza outbreak in replacement gilts from a 700 sow herd and clinical satisfaction after Respiporc® FLU3 implementation, ESPHM 2019

Respiporc® Flu3 protects clinically against new H1N2 variant

Céline DEBLANC et al., Study of pig responses to infection with a new variant of H1N2 influenza virus and evaluation of vaccine protection, Journées Recherche Porcine, 51, 259-264, 2019


Respiporc® Flu3 vaccination schedule, effective for all farm types


For sows: Vaccination and booster can be conducted at any stage of gestation and also through lactation. Vaccination of the sow two weeks before farrowing will protect the piglets until 33rd day of life. For pigs: Vaccination from the 56th day of life.

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