Who are we

We’re truly global, based in 46 countries and working across more than 110. We have 13 R&D centres, 26 production sites and more than 6350 employees worldwide.

Ceva Santé Animale was founded in 1999 and is a global veterinary health company, focused on research, development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products and vaccines for companion animals, livestock, swine and poultry. Its headquarters are in Libourne (Gironde). Ceva Chairman and CEO is Marc Prikazsky.

We’re truly global, based in 46 countries and working across more than 110. We have 13 R&D centres, 26 production sites and more than 6350 employees worldwide.

Ceva Swine Franchise is committed to providing treatments and support services to farmers, and veterinarians to prevent disease and to maintain quality of life and good health in animals, as this contributes directly to the wider issue of public health and human welfare.

Ceva Swine Franchise will ensure that our products and services are relevant, efficient, effective and above all viable for farmers and appropriate to the needs of veterinarians.

The global consumer demand for pork meat requires the prevention and control of swine diseases, good reproduction management practices, but also providing solutions to ensure sustainable production of safe, high-quality pork. Ceva Sante Animal provides a complete range of products and services to improve the health of pigs, and sustain their well-being with the final objective to ensure a sustainable and profitable production on the farm. Our veterinary services work closely with veterinarians and pork producers to support their daily work and their businesses.

The bond between humans and animals forms an essential part of life and Ceva’s aim is to provide products and services that not only protect and improve the lives of animals, but ultimately the well-being of every person in our global community.

It’s estimated that a staggering 75% of all emerging human infectious diseases originate from animals and birds. These zoonoses, as they’re known, are what compel us to innovate – to succeed in the fight against the likes of avian flu, brucellosis and Q-fever. They’re one of the driving forces behind our vision: ‘Together, beyond animal health’.

We work with welfare and social programmes around the world to bring this vision to life – anywhere our products and know-how can make a difference and with all kinds of partners.

In this webpage you will find all the information related with the complete range of products and services offered by Ceva to optimize the pork production of the future.

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